Villagers Care for Elephants like their Own

Today’s Inspiring Article: ‘Villagers Knit Giant Sweaters For Chilly Elephant Neighbors’ 

Who’s the story hero: Wildlife SOS and the villagers of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh

Why this story touches our hearts: The elephants have been rescued from abusive situations and have been re-homed in the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre. Villagers are clothing them in sweaters to prevent diseases such as pneumonia and arthritis caused by the winter chill.

Adorable pictures of the elephants in their sweaters below. Prepare to squeal.



Credits: These pictures have been taken by the wonderful people over at Wildlife SOS.

Our Take: Being an animal lover and a cat parent myself, I was absolutely delighted to read this piece of news. I am glad to see that these magnificent creatures of the wild are also receiving the attention and care that they need. Most people in urban areas are not aware of them problems that our gentle giants go through. It helps to come across articles such as these that educate us and inspire us at the same time. It is only when human beings take care of and take responsibility for the problems that they have caused these loving creatures, that the spirits of animals and human beings can co-exist peacefully.


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