Thank you Dr. Seema Rao: From the girls of India

Today’s inspiring article pick : ‘She packs a powerful punch’ (The Hindu)

Who’s the story heroine: Dr Seema Rao, an Indian woman trainer of elite commandos. She has trained over 18,000 commandos over a period of 20 years. She has not asked for any payment for doing this amazing task.

Why this story touches our hearts: As a fellow woman, I was absolutely inspired to read tis article on Dr. Seema Rao and her initiatives for the country and its women. I love the fact that she has created a programmed called DARE (Defence Against Rape and Eve-Teasing) to empower women to defend themselves against evil elements in society. I believe that each and every woman should take a leaf from Dr. Rao’s book, and arm herself with the skills needed to protect herself in every situation. Furthermore, women should embrace fitness and stamina training. This will give them confidence and a great attitude towards living life.

Pictures taken from the Official Facebook page of Dr. Seema Rao

Our Take: Although we are very pleased and amazed at the achievements of Dr. Seema Rao, we feel there are too few women like her in our country. Therefore, we think that different stakeholders- such as central and state governments, civil society organizations, law enforcement agencies etc. should come together and make martial arts and defence training mandatory for female students.

Also, such training should be provided free of charge to female students from under-privileged backgrounds. Furthermore, those woman who show extra-ordinary talents in these fields should be mentored and encouraged to achieve further levels of excellence in them. Now that would be truly inspiring.




One Comment

  1. Shamim Alam Haque চামিম আলম হক

    Dr. Seema Rao is an inspirational character of Indian Youth, mainly Girls. When we nows days adopting western culture as well as habits, we should give more concentration about the various policies of foreign countries. Likely to say, Israel’s every adult should go to military training as compulsory. India also can thing of it. As ever Indian now days become global citizens like USA.


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