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This man is working to give Delhi's children the healthcare they deserve: Meet Pratyush Kumar

NDCHRC is a common people's initiative to set up India's first not-for-profit, high quality and affordable Children's Hospital & Research Centre all across India. The mission is carried out without regard to race, religion, colour, creed, gender, disability, national origin or the ability of a patient or family to pay. Our vision is to become India’s best children’s hospital. For more details, log on to

Recently, I had put out an invitation for people to write to me with their stories. As I am very passionate about positive news and motivating people, I was looking for more inspirational people and organizations to interview for Indspire Me. To my delight, Pratyush reached out to me and shared the amazing work that the people over at New Delhi Children’s Hospital and Research Centre (NDCHRC) are doing. I’m very happy to share this interview with you all. Do spread the word about this heartwarming initiative with your communities in Delhi, especially with children and parents who could benefit from it.
Please tell us a little bit about yourself Pratyush. How did you get
involved with NDCHRC?
Concerned with the plight of parents and children, I started this pioneering philanthropic initiative to set-up a non-profit New Delhi Children’s Hospital & Research Centre in 2016. I have over 16 years of enriching experience in the financial services industry. In the past, I was holding senior management positions with MNCs like HSBC, Northern Trust, Deutsche Bank and HCL. I have travelled widely and have worked in Sydney, Singapore, London, and Chicago. Since my school days, I have been involved actively in social service and have worked closely with a number of NGOs and NPOs.
I graduated from JNU, New Delhi and completed my Masters in Communication from IIMC, New Delhi. I speak French fluently and has also attended several senior management programs including Six Sigma Black Belt from Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.
Presently, I am working as a Vice President – Global Operational Excellence with IHS Markit and am also spearheading this noble initiative (NDCHRC) along with 200 passionate volunteers to provide high quality healthcare services and products at an affordable cost.
Are there any gaps that you have identified in the current provisions
for medical care for children in Delhi?
I am astonished to notice the abysmal state of children healthcare in India. Children have no voice, no voting rights and therefore, they are unable to express their genuine rights in a democratic manner. Many of them are abused and need immediate help. There is hardly any dedicated not-for-profit children’s hospital in India. Compare this with the childcare facilities available in western countries which are awesome. Children and their parents need empathetic staff to deal with.
How has been the experience of leading the establishment of NDCHRC thus far?
It’s a wonderful experience to bring together like-minded friends, doctors, NGOs and other professionals under a single umbrella of NDCHRC to help in improving children’s healthcare in India. It’s an overwhelming experience to be an enabler, a social change maker. I am a firm believer in the power of the people and our volunteers are doing some amazing work to bring in sustainable and positive change in the lives of many families.
What is your vision for the future of the hospital?
NDCHRC is a common people’s initiative to set up India’s first not-for-profit, high quality and affordable Children’s Hospital & Research Centre all across India. The mission is carried out without regard to race, religion, colour, creed, gender, disability, national origin or the ability of a patient or family to pay.  Our vision is to become India’s best children’s hospital. For more details, log on to
Please share some stories of children who have benefited from the
facilities at the hospital.
NDCHRC team has organised three events which made its impact on more than 1000 underprivileged children in Delhi. On Children’s Day in 2016, out team organised a free eye and health check-up camp. A team of highly qualified doctors examined and guided more than 110 slum children on their medical needs. In this camp, it was noticed that most of the children (almost 50%) suffer from malnutrition. Taking note of this, on Christmas Day, 2016 we distributed 500 food packets, specially designed by our nutritionist Ms. Saman Zaman to street children. On the 26th of January, 2017 we distributed meal packets, toys and clothes to children living in the slums at Rangpuri.
Through these efforts, we have been able to bring in some hope, some good health and some positive thoughts to children in Delhi. In April, we are planning to open our OPD clinic which can serve 50,000 children per year per clinic. This will be a big boon for children and their parents.
What is the biggest challenge in front of you, in order to keep this
initiative going?
The biggest challenge is to create awareness about this wonderful initiative which has the potential to change the lives children in India forever. People do not trust easily that such an initiative is possible. Healthcare requires a lot of investments, guidance, help and support from the government as well as the pharmaceutical industry. We are trying to bring in more and more support for the common good of children, who are our future of our nation. We have around 50 committed donors to support this initiative on an ongoing basis. We need to increase this number to at least 1000. Also, we need suitable space to run our clinics and operations efficiently.
How can people volunteer with the hospital or donate?
People can connect with us on WhatsApp via 9599824600 or send us a mail to:
To volunteer, please click the below link:
To donate online, click the below link:
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My source of inspiration is Swami Vivekananda and his famous preaching: Arise, awake, and not stop till the goal is reached. Strong determination can move mountains. We must act now – children of India need our help for their better future. Let’s create a sustainable long lasting institution together for our own future.

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