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These Stunning Photos of Autumn Around the World will Inspire You to Write Poetry!

Although, it may not feel like it yet (at least in Delhi/NCR), the autumn season has already begun in many parts of the world. Autumn is one of the most perfect seasons because it combines cool, pleasant weather with stunning scenery. Nature is said to have inspired many a poet to write some of their greatest masterpieces during this season.
We, at Indspire Me combed through Instagram and curated a list of five beautiful images of autumn in different parts of the world (including India!) for you to take some inspiration from and follow in the footsteps of those legendary poets.
These pictures are absolutely stunning. Major props to the folks who have taken them! The Instagram handles of the Photographers are included in the images, so go ahead and give these talented people a Follow if you like their feed.

  1. Autumn in India

2. Autumn in Japan
3. Autumn in Canada
4. Autumn in South Africa
5. Autumn in Lebanon
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