My Top 3 Inspiring Places in India (First Prize Winner): Simran Jeet Kaur

Kashmir is known as ‘The Land of Heaven’

Simran’s Description: Kashmir, is known or said as ‘The land of heaven’. The nature over there gives peace of mind and the positive energy in oneself. Kashmir is the land of beauty. An inspiration for so much art, music and poetry, It is a paradise; a nature lover’s wonderland and a shopper’s dream come true. It’s not beautiful because of its scenic beauty but also because of the people living there. Their life is full of ups and downs. No one knows what the future holds. Despite their lifestyle, we always see them smiling and ready to serve there tourists with open arms. Kashmir is one of it’s kind. 

Waste Pickers help make India a clean place. They should be treated with respect. 

Simran’s Description: Have you noticed this sight? Men and women wearing torn clothes are carrying huge bags on their shoulders and are collecting trash. Who do you think these people are? To me they are the friends of our Environment – the ones who pick up the garbage that we throw away casually. But people treat them badly, wrinkle their noses at them and avoid them.  Though they themselves live in tattered huts made of plastic sheets and bamboo sticks , these people help us to live in a clean place. They deserve respect!

Kasol: The ‘Mini-Israel’ of India

Simran’s Description: Kasol is a hamlet in Himachal Pradesh. Its beauty lies in its location as well as its people. Kasol is commonly known as ‘mini-Israel’ because many of the inhabitants here are Israelis and foreigners of other nationalities, rather than native Himachalis. Fitted snugly in the Parvati Valley, Kasol is sure to offer breathtaking views of the mountains to everyone who visits. There are a lot of hippie aspects to life in Kasol – from drum circles to moonlight parties, this place has it all, if you know where to look.


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