Meet Musician Turned IPS Officer, Ajit Rajian

Interview by Nisha Dhawan

We are in conversation with Mr Ajit Rajian, who is part of the new generation of India’s civil services officers. An engineering graduate from DTU (formerly known as DCE), one of the premiere institutions of excellence in the country, Ajit’s story is a classic success story. However, is that all there is to him? There’s more than meets the eye to this former passionate musician. Let’s find out in the interview below.

Ajit Rajian- A member of India’s new generation of Indian Police Service (IPS)

 Hi Ajit. Could you please tell the readers of Indspire Me a little bit about yourself.

Well, I am Ajit. I hail from Haryana and work in Gujarat. Cop, Engineer, laggard musician.

An inspiration for many- Musician turned IPS Officer, Ajit Rajian

What prompted you to sit for the civil services exam after having completed your engineering from dce?

Well, it’s been a privilege to be the last batch of DCE graduates. I think an engineering degree is quite the enabler, not just in skill set but also in understanding the technical complexities of life. Civil services are fast adapting to and adopting technological advancement. One can always use the technical knowledge in efficient public service delivery.

How did you feel when you proceeded through the various stages of the civil services examination and finally cracked it to become a part of the IPS?

Well, to be fair the procedure is quite tough. It is tough because you can not evaluate it in terms of input and output. An exam like UPSC leaves a deep impact on you socially and emotionally. It felt nice to become an IPS officer as it was my first preference.

You were a musician in your college days. The free-spirited lifestyle of a musician is quite in contrast with your now-disciplined lifestyle of an IPS officer. How do you feel about this change?

In any field a certain discipline is required to excel. Yes, the lifestyles are quite different but then, isn’t that the charm that you get to see both sides of the world?

Have you faced any ups and downs as an IPS officer?

Ups and downs become a part and parcel of the job. Initially, one does feel a bit odd but then one gets used to it.

Nobody comes in a happy or joyful mood to the police station. Having heard even smallest of the issues and providing remedy has been of immense learning experience. The smile and the confidence that you can bring to a person in need is the best feelings.

To serve our country we don’t need great feats, small duties done diligently will bring tremendous change.

‘The smile and the confidence that you can bring to a person in need is the best feelings.’

You have  a very good physique. How do you manage to stay fit despite your busy schedule?

Well, after the rigorous training fitness has become a habit.

I have also been running marathons. I set targets accordingly for different categories.

Please share an inspirational message with our readers. 

Anything I will say, will almost sound preaching or self promotional. But follow your gut, don’t get distracted and move ahead!

Focus more on smart work than hard work.

About the Interviewer


Nisha Dhawan is a fashion and English literature student. Her interests lie in fashion , fitness , travel and photography. She is an animal lover who wishes to do something big for the homeless animals in the near future and also has a pet dog named Tyson.



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