Beliefs Shape Destinies: A Call to Action For You by Yogesh Chabria

By Yogesh Chabria


“Belief in oneself and knowing who you are, I mean, that’s the foundation for everything great.”


Why is it that some people do all the right things in their life and yet feel terrible and feel like failures? Why is it that even though they study hard, work hard and are good honest citizens, and yet they are unable to succeed at anything? Why is it that they feel sad, depressed and unhappy? Why is it that some people, in spite of having all the material wealth feel empty?

And how come some people who were never too good at studies and were always found laughing and joking around, are today so successful? How come they make everything look so effortless and always seem to get so lucky? And not only that they also have great relationships and always look so lean and fit?

Over time I realized the only thing stopping people from achieving their potential, enjoying life and being truly wealthy is one thing – their beliefs.

It is our beliefs that design and shape our future.

I meet so many women during our seminars, who have been made to believe they are not pretty and beautiful ever since they were little girls. This belief gets programmed into their mind, body and hearts and once they believe they are not beautiful, they start behaving that way.

Every part of their mind, body and heart starts behaving in accordance with their beliefs. When they start believing they are ugly and nobody loves them, this spills over into every area of their life. They have low confidence levels, they are hesitant to talk to people, hesitant to open up and live life on their own terms.

They stop believing in themselves and in their ability to achieve anything they desire. They let others dictate their life. Do you know of such people?

The idea of not being beautiful becomes true only because of their belief. They stop caring for their body, become unhealthy and basically lead a life where they are not living to their fullest potential but simply letting ‘Time Pass’.

“Belief is so valuable and living that it infuses with life everything it enters! It transforms the fleeting glimmer of transitory life into eternal life, dispelling the transience in it.”

                                                            Said Nursi

Luckily all of this can be changed, by redesigning and reprogramming the software inside human beings. You might have the best phone with the latest hardware, but without great software, free from bugs and viruses, and some incredible apps – your phone is worthless.

A lot of women have a radical change of beliefs during our seminars which changes their entire lives. A change in beliefs has a longer lasting impact on health and body weight as compared to short term solutions like forced diets or forcibly to going to the gym.

Once beliefs are changed, everything changes.

When women are made to feel beautiful and made to realize that they should start accepting themselves for who they are, once they learn to love themselves and they are much more than just their body, once they realize that they are truly attractive and beautiful their beliefs start changing.

Their new beliefs – about being beautiful, being loved and being free to do whatever they desire, changes the way they eat, it changes how they move their body and changes how they interact with other people. They seem to gain confidence and become attractive almost overnight. I have seen countless such cases where lives have changed when beliefs change.

We are where we are today because of the beliefs we have had in the past. Our career, personal life, emotional life, finances, health, relationships, lifestyle and every other small detail is a result of our beliefs.

What sort of beliefs do you have about your life? Have you ever thought about how these beliefs are impacting your present and your future?

“Limiting Beliefs – Limit Life

Believe You Have Unlimited Potential – Enrich Life”

Yogesh Chabria

These are excerpts from Yogesh Chabria’s latest book Succeed The Happionaire Way. As a special treat for the readers of Indspire Me, Yogesh has generously decided to share a free preview copy. Click here to get it now! 

About the Author

Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way.  He started selling toys at the age of 5, came out with his first IPO when he was 12 and started investing with only Rs. 750 (around USD 10) at the age of 16. He believes everyone deserves to be happy and have fun while achieving their goals! Visit to find out more.

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    I almost had tears in my eyes reading this….as I connected with it so much as a young girl I – am assuming like so many others were made to feel not beautiful – really nice of Indspire Me to share this….


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