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10 Rumi Quotes on Healing: Inspiring Quotes that Will Unburden Your Soul

The quotes provide infinite food for thought and nourish the starved or hungry mind. Here is a list of ten Rumi Quotes on healing to brighten up your day. 

By Aishwarya Bhargav

For a poet who lived over 800 years ago, Rumi thought ahead of his time. His quotes are eternally beautiful, and hold true even in today’s time and age. His words have the power to soothe a weary and broken heart.
Rumi, a 13th Century Philosopher authored over five hundred quotes on love, life, friendship, beauty and healing. In addition to being a philosopher, Rumi was an Islamic Scholar and a theologian. In his lifetime, he composed several Persian poems and prose compositions. His work gained prominence in the 20th Century , when scholars delved into his work and began to translate it in a bid to enrich the world.

The Psychological Reason Why We Love Rumi Quotes on Healing

Quotes are a string of words meant to encourage a person and keep them motivated. The analogies conveyed by Rumi have the strength to enrich the lives of millions born over seven centuries.
Often we feel ourselves slipping into an abyss and panic anticipating a point of no return. Life is like a wave with crests and troughs, a mountain range with peaks and valleys. Unfortunately, at our lowest, we fail to see the rise and end up falling into further despair.

Rumi’s words have the ability to shake us back in to reality by giving us a glimpse of sunlight at the end of the tunnel.

Rumi’s quotes are similar to a never ending basket of cookies. Anyone can take how much ever they want, until their hunger is satisfied, and yet enough will remain for those who will arrive.
The quotes provide infinite food for thought and nourish the starved or hungry mind. Here is a list of ten Rumi Quotes on healing to brighten up your day.

  1. You can’t mend something that is not broken! To be healed, you need to fall ill.
    Rumi 1
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    2. Pain is the conduit to healing. Without pain, there is no improvement & no betterment.
    rumi 2
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    3. Don’t let anything get to your head. Be it happiness, pride or sadness.
    rumi 3
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    4. Every cloud has a silver lining. Look beyond your bubble to see the beauty in the world.

rumi 4
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5. Don’t forget that, you have the power to make yourself feel good.
rumi 5
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6.  Do not map your life by how much time has passed by, rather, map it by how much you have felt, and loved.
rumi 6
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7. As the day ends, a new one begins in another part of the world. What goes around, will come back to you.
rumi 7
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8. Healing begins with you. Irrespective of what the world says, you make your own little world by changing yourself.
rumi 8
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9.  Planting an apple tree will give you apples, planting a poison ivy plant will give you poison ivy. Likewise, filling your life with good thoughts and happiness, multiplies the positivity and joy in your life.
rumi 9
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10.  See the beauty around you. Break out of your boundaries. Reach out to what makes your life more meaningful.
rumi 10
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Aishwarya Bhargav is a Research Scholar at the National University of Singapore. Her research primarily focuses on biomaterials and their applications. She is an avid blogger and a foodie.


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