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Award-winning Dietitian Shares the Surprising Benefits of Jamun Fruit

Deep crimson or purplish fruit Jamun (Also known as Jambul or Black Plum) is one of the most popular fruit in India. It is juicy & has a mix of sweet & sour taste. It leaves the tongue purple when eaten. This small fruit contains huge amount of nutritional & medicinal value and there are tons benefits of Jamun. Jamun is loaded with antioxidants & flavonoids. It also contains asiri oils, jambosine, phenol, organic acid , triterpenoid , oleanolic acid, essential oils, flavonoids and ellagic acid, anthocyanin, and tannin.

By Rashmi Cherian

Deep crimson or purplish coloured, the jamun fruit (Also known as Jambul or Black Plum) is one of the most popular fruits in India. The reason for its popularity is that it is juicy & has a mix of sweet & sour taste.  However, its not just about taste. Did you know that this small fruit contains huge amount of nutritional & medicinal value and there are tons benefits of Jamun.  Yes, antioxidants & flavonoids are present in the fruit.

This small fruit contains huge amount of nutritional & medicinal value and there are tons benefits of Jamun.( Image Source: TheHealthSite)

What is the Nutritional Profile of Jamun Fruit?

Reading about the nutritional profile of jamun will make you realize what a valuable addition to your diet it is.  There are many health benefits of jamun. It also contains sugars like glucose and fructose along with lesser calories. The glycemic index of jamun is low. Here is what you will find  in 100 grams of jamun fruit:

  • calories (62 k cal)
  • carbohydrates (14 gm)
  • protein (0.995 gm)
  • fat (0.23 gm)
  • water (84.75 gm)
  • fiber (0.6 gm)
  • vitamin C (18 mg)
  • thiamine (0.019 mg)
  • riboflavin (0.009 mg)
  • niacin (0.245 mg)
  • vitamin B6 (0.038 mg)
  • carotene (48 ug)
  • folic acid (3 mg)
  • calcium (15 mg)
  • iron (1.41 mg)
  • magnesium (35 mg)
  • phosphorous (15 mg)
  • sodium (26.2 mg).
jamun fruit
Jamun can be consumed in a variety of ways, as will be listed below. This is Jamun frozen yogurt. (Image Source: Orange Kitchens)

Jamun Fruit Benefits

1. Jamun helps in improving low haemoglobin level as it is high in iron & vitamin C. This iron also helps in blood purification.

2. This purple fruit helps in digestion problems like ulcers, piles, diarrhoea etc. Due to its antibacterial properties, jamun fruit helps in stomach infections. Eating jamun fruit with black salt & cumin powder helps in stomach upset. Also jamun juice with curd helps in digestive problems.

3. The tasty fruit has anti-inflammatory properties due to phytochemicals like ellagic acid/ ellagitannins, anthocyanins. These compounds are also powerful antioxidants which prevent free radical damage.

4. Jamun contains high amounts of potassium, which is very important in keeping heart diseases at bay. Regular consumption also prevents hardening of the arteries.

5. It also minimizes cancer risk due to the presence of several bioactive phytochemicals in it.

If you would like to know more awesome Indian superfoods like jamun, you should definitely read Rujuta Diwekar’s book ‘Indian Superfoods: Change the Way You Eat’.

6. Jamun pulp is used in the treatment of bleeding gums (gingivitis). Its juice helps in eliminating bad breath.

7. Since it is rich in vitamin C & antioxidants, jamun fruit is also good for skin. It helps in improving skin texture.

8. This wonderful fruit helps in keeping liver healthy due to its blood purification nature. Its juice is suggested in spleen enlargement.

9. Jamun helps in improving immunity because of its high vitamin C.

10. It is used as a home remedy for asthma & cough.

jamun fruit juice
You can prepare Jamun juice as a healthy and nutrient rich beverage option.  (Image Source: Blending Flavours)


1. Jamun seeds are effective in treating skin related issues like acne, blemishes etc. Lot of home remedies can be created with its seed powder to treat skin problems.
2. The powder taken with yogurt, helps in renal stone problems.
3. A decoction of jamun seeds helps in fighting fatigue & strain.
4. It also helps in piles, fatigue, IBS, polyuria etc.

jamun fruit seeds
Decoction of jamun seeds helps in fighting fatigue & strain. (Image Source: YouTube)


1. The bark of jamun fruit helps in treating urinary disorders as it has anthelmintic properties. People with urinary infections are suggested to drink a glass of jamun juice with ½ tsp jamun bark powder daily.
2. Bark powder also helps in curing tapeworm infections.
3. It is useful in treating respiratory disorders.


1. The leaves of Jamun fruit are good for throat problems. They have anti-bacterial properties so these leaves help is strengthening of the teeth & gums.
2. Chewing & eating these leaves helps in digestion related issues.


Jamun is an age old remedy for curing diabetes. Several studies have reported upto 30% reduction in blood sugar levels with the consumption of jamun. Its juice, bark, leaves and seeds all are used in combination with certain other herbs to reduce blood sugar levels. Jamun seeds contain “Jambolin”, a chemical which has anti diabetic effect. It also helps in reducing sugar in the urine. The fruit also contains Oleanolic acid which is known to have anti-diabetic properties.


You can consume Jamun in your daily life, in various ways:

  • A fruit as snack or in Fruit Salad
  • Juice
  • Fruit pieces can be added in yogurt to make flavoured yogurt
  • Milkshakes & smoothies
  • Jams & jellies
  • Jamun ice cream can also be prepared


  • Over consumption of this fruit can cause acidity or cough or sore throat.
  • As it helps in lowering blood sugar level, it should be consumed in moderate amounts by diabetics.
  • It is advisable not to consume jamuns 2 weeks post surgery.
  • On empty stomach it should be avoided.
  • Pregnant & breast feeding mothers should avoid jamuns, though there are no scientific researches for the same.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Follow Indspire Me on Facebook and Instagram for more such valuable articles on nutrition!

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