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This Image Consultant Reveals the Secret Science Behind Fashion: Never Worry about Dressing Well Again!

From looking authoritative to approachable, slim to broad and taller to shorter, fashion has all the solutions for you. Different colours, shapes and patterns have different effects on us. Apart from following fashion trends, we need to understand and have clarity on our personal style. Our personal style should complement us.

By Haimanti Pandey

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Fashion is how you define it. The concept of Image Management teaches us the 4A’S (Authentic, Appropriate, Attractive, Affordable) of Fashion & Appearance. Like we always say “Beauty With Brains”, similarly I say “Fashion Is Incomplete Without The Science Behind It”.

Image Source: Pinterest

From looking authoritative to approachable, slim to broad and taller to shorter, fashion has all the solutions for you. Different colours, shapes and patterns have different effects on us. Apart from following fashion trends, we need to understand and have clarity on our personal style. Our personal style should complement us.

Through “Psychological clothing” we analyse the type of fashion need for the individual. May it be outer appearance or inner healings, fashion offers solutions to all. Using the techniques of psychological clothing, we can even have a positive effect on our own self-esteem.

Colours are great healers and they impart confidence to us. A simple red or maroon lip shade gives a kick to your look and you look bold yet confident. And when you wear light colour clothing with less makeup and you are calm and relaxed. As I always say “Different colours, different story”!

You may be a huge fan of achromatic colour scheme and want to bring dramatic colours in your wardrobe. Well, start picking up different colours in accessories and shoes. Fashion is in whatever we feel stylish and comfortable.

Luxury fashion brands offers various designs and products of different price range. However, the question is, what do you think about before buying exclusive yet expensive garments or accessories?

My clients often complain that they buy stuff which later they regret, so ask yourself these questions before you plan on shopping. Few questions before buying such lavish products or garments should be –

  1. Is there a wardrobe need to buy that specific garment?
  2. In a year, how many times will you carry that bag?

Also, the look, colour and shape of the bag, do you relate to it and can you mix and match it with any outfit of yours?

Shopping can be real fun and imagine how much more fun it would be if you pick the right stuff for yourself. You might call it a “win – win” situation for you and you get the right value for all the bucks you spend.

Per year there are two fashion seasons; Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. So, you may check your wardrobe and find your wardrobe needs. Some people keep adding new garments and miss out on replacing the older ones. I would suggest you, do your wardrobe evaluation every year.

My Wardrobe Mantra for you is – Wardrobe should be more of basics /classic and rest you can fill it with trendy designs and pattern.

Fashion has room for everyone. You can rock a blue classic denim, a white shirt and heels or you can choose to wear something dramatic. It all depends on the occasion and mindset. Nothing can be more right when you wear the right garment for the right occasion which compliments you in every way.

Here are few more effective tips for my readers –

  1. Follow Pantone to know more on the colour trend of the year.
  2. Hire an Image Consultant for complete Image Transformation or Appearance Management.
  3. Read online magazines to know more on fashion.
  4. Never copy someone else’s fashion trend.
  5. Make a budget every year for all your purchases and keep a track on it.

To put it bluntly, know your fashion goal. If you have any queries related to fashion, please feel free to mention them in the comments below, or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

About the Author


Haimanti Pandey is a Certified Image Consultant and Certified Life Coach. Her expertise lies in Appearance Management & Personal Counselling. She has been working with individuals on their transformation and believes everyone is special and unique in their own way and at times people need attention and motivation. She has been travelling all over India and inspiring people with her skill set.

In 2017, she launched her own consultancy named “REVAMP NATION”. In her own words, “I have a dream to touch lives in a way that it helps people to know their importance, excel, grow and come out of any sort of negativity”.

Haimanti  gives one on one sessions and her client list includes people from all sorts of profession Bankers, Corporates, Students, housewives and so on.



  1. I am speechless. Here is one article carrying answers to all the questions, always arising in our minds about fashion and its different aspects. We, always feel we know everything about fashion, but its not like a one size fits all kind of phenomena. Different people, different personalities, different body structures, complexions, occasions,events and so on. One can not follow the trends blindly, just because every one else is following. I really liked the way Haimanti described every minute aspect of fashion, whether it is clothes or accessories. I feel, the way she has explained everything, this article will surely help, lots of people, who want to be fashionable, but are still not aware of the details. Thank you once again Haimanti, for such an informative article.

  2. This was of special interest to me as I got this bug early on by being in Mumbai ( used to be fashion capital then) , then in Bangalore ( now home to trendy people & designers) and some stint in Europe ( best brands, well dressed people, understated elegance) .
    The taste develops with experimentation and with little eye for details and efforts, one could look scrumptious!
    It needn’t be expensive as there are ‘ fast fashion ‘ options which give you affordable freshness!!
    Nice and breezy post, Haimanti!!

  3. We are actually tempted to pick up a book that has a nice cover. Unless the author is damn famous or the book has crossed selling millions of copy, we stop by only if the cover makes us stop.

    So how’s my cover? Do I look “authoritative yet approachable”?

    The author has rightly touched the most visible part that needs a smart painting.
    Though it is another story whether one needs to judge only by the cover !!

    She has appropriately pointed out points those are important in a perfect makeover.

    Life coaches must be sharp image consultants too. Else we might just miss out on a brilliant book if its cover lets us just pass by.


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