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70 Mother Daughter Quotes to Warm Your Soul When You Are Apart

Those cold and lonely winter nights, when mother and daughter are apart from each other, these 70 beautiful mother daughter quotes can really help to ease the loneliness of their separation. You can easily download these quotes, and share them with your mom/daughter on Whatsapp or any other medium, in order to bring a smile to her face and to share in the joy of this special bond.

By Pankhuri Kumar

When Mother & Daughter are Apart, the Missing Never Ends

Reading mother daughter quotes can really be heartwarming, for both mothers and daughters. For the daughters who are living thousands of miles away from their mothers, leading lives as strong and independent women, their mothers are those cherished people with whom they can discuss anything under the sun. For mothers, both biological and non-biological, daughters are precious pearls, whom they have reared from babyhood and sent off gracefully into adulthood.

Those cold and lonely winter nights, when mother and daughter are apart from each other, these 70 beautiful mother daughter quotes can really help to ease the loneliness of their separation. You can easily download these quotes, and share them with your mom/daughter on Whatsapp or any other medium, in order to bring a smile to her face and to share in the joy of this special bond.

1.) Only a mother can understand what her daughter wants or needs, as she was once a part of the mother.

70 mother daughter quotes

2.) No matter what, a mother will always find her daughter to be the best, and she will always be blessed to have you.

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3.)  The fact that you have your mother makes you happy, but the fact that she doesn’t have the option to not have you as her daughter gives her the most strength.

missing mom quotes from daughter

4.) There isn’t any problem that a mother can’t solve or make you feel better about.

missing daughter quotes

5.) Daughters are the biggest support system for their mothers and sometimes all a mother needs is a hug from her daughter!

missing my daughter quotes
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6.) The greatest power that exists in this world is mother’s love and those who are lucky to feel it should cherish it for a lifetime.

mom and daughter relationship quotes

7.) A mother who has the best of standards for herself, also sets a very good example for her daughter.

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8.) A mother – daughter relationship is the purest form of love, which is close to both their hearts.

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9.) A mother can be the greatest inspiration for her daughter and can teach her all the important values required to survive and thrive.

70 missing mom quotes

10.) A mother is a constant source of courage and wise advice. Print this beautiful mother daughter quote and stick it in your office cubicle. Look at it and feel better, whenever you are feeling low.


11.) There is probably nothing that a mother daughter duo cannot accomplish when they are together and there for each other.

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12.) Very few things in this world are ever lasting but a mother- daughter bond surely makes the list.


13.) An ideal mother beautifully portrays her stern but loving attitude towards her daughter.


14.) Daughters bring colour into a mother’s life as they blossom.


15.) A mother loves and enjoys her daughter at all stages of life, right from childhood, through when the daughter becomes a mother and indeed till eternity.


16.)  No need to worry if life isn’t easy because God has given you your mother to help you through each and every hurdle that you face.


17.)  For a mother, a daughter is no different from an angel and she is a gift from God to add happiness and joy to her life.

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18.) Treat your mother with love and respect because in no time you will find yourself becoming a mother, and facing the same worries that your mother faced.

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19.) A mother realizes very well that one of the best things in life is being able to see her children stand up on their feet and conquer the world.

20.) A daughter is a true reflection of her mother and she learns from what she witnesses while growing up and whatever she has been gifted at birth.

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21.) Every mother –daughter relationship is unique in it’s own way and it is surely the best for both of them. They understand each other like no one possibly could. This is one of the most meaningful mother daughter quotes you will find.

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22.) The love and relationship that a mother has with the son and other family members may change but what she shares with her daughter is eternal. A daughter loves and take cares of you throughout life.

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23.)  Mothers refuse to understand the concept of personal space, but then what part of a daughter’s life isn’t gifted to her by the birth giver? This is one of the funniest mother daughter quotes in our list. Share it with your mom for some laughs.

mother daughter quotes funny

24.) Laughter is the best medicine and our mothers teach us very well how to overcome tough times with a smile on our face.

missing mom quotes from daughter funny

25.) Any day you find yourself tense, or are unable to get anything that you need badly , you just need to turn towards your daughter and she will surely save your day.


26.) This is one relationship that doesn’t fade away even with distance, because no matter how far you are from each other you always get to know when the other needs you, and you always try to make them feel better.

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27.)  It’s wonderful how a mother is always making efforts to gel with her daughter and gain her trust, even when the daughter is traversing the troubled waters of teenage years.

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28.) It’s very important for a young girl to know that she is beautiful and only when it comes from her mother, does she truly believe that beauty should come from within and that it doesn’t need anyone’s approval.

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29.) Daughters try to copy everything that their mothers do; be it make-up, dress-up, way of walking or the way to look at the world.


30.)  All that a daughter needs is her mother to be beside her when she is hurt emotionally or physically, and then she will be just fine.


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31.) Mother’s don’t fight your battles but they make sure that you know exactly how to fight them and win them. This is one of the most meaningful mother daughter quotes, which shows us that mothers empower daughters to deal with all the difficulties of life.


32.) A mother gets affected by her daughter and their happiness is interdependent. What one feels the other feels automatically.


33.) A strong and brave mother has a great influence on raising her daughter and imbibing in her the same qualities.


34.) Once a woman becomes a mother, she gives her heart, soul and blood to raising her kids. This is a huge effort, and it does take a toll on her at times.

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35.) A mother is very protective about her daughter and she may let go if you trouble her but she won’t forgive anyone who troubles her daughter.

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36.)  When mothers look at their daughters they realize how much trouble they caused to their own mothers and now it’s a cycle of life. This is one of the most heart-touching mother daughter quotes in this list.

mother daughter relationship quotes moving

37.) Mothers always think about their kids’ comfort before their own comfort. They willingly give them space in their homes and hearts.


38.) Mothers and daughters are undoubtedly best friends and they cry, laugh, shop, eat and do almost everything together.

mother daughter relationship quotes hilarious

39.) Mothers and daughters share something, which only they feel and understand and no third person can come in between them. They are well connected at heart and at mind.

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40.) Daughters find the greatest help in their mothers when they are expecting to be mothers themselves. She eagerly asks about all that she needs to know from her one and only trustworthy source.

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41.) A mother’s relationship with her children is very complicated because sometimes everything is right and just the next second everything is a mess.


42.) Daughters relate with their mothers so much that they not only pick the good stuff but also those habits which the mother herself is not very proud of.


43.)  A woman can be everything from being a star at work or a super duper hit among her friends but one of the most special and exciting parts of her life is being a mother.

mom quotes from daughter

44.) The world always tries to suppress the girls but this can be stopped when mothers make their daughters fierce and unstoppable.

mother and daughter relationship quotes

45.) A girl can have many friends, siblings or even lovers and they can all be replaced but the one person with whom she wants to have friendship, her mother.

mother and daughter quotes

46.) A mother gets all worked up about the different activities her daughter does while growing up, but she loves to reassure herself that her daughter is still a baby. The quote below is one of the most heart-touching mother daughter quotes in this list. Share it with your daughter right away.

whatsapp status for daughter and mother

47.) With motherhood, a woman’s lifestyle changes a lot and she discovers that being a mother is a very difficult and demanding job.


48.) A mother teaches her little one how to love herself and work towards what she wants. She makes sure that no person in the world is able to lower her daughter’s confidence.


49.) A mum will always be the first priority in her daughter’s life. She will be much-needed and absolutely necessary for the well-being of her daughter.


50.) Mothers are the complete package for their daughters and there isn’t anyone with whom the daughter would rather be.


51.) Only a mother can love her daughter so selflessly that she won’t even think twice before giving up her own life if she had to.

miss you mother quotes

52.) A mom tries to hide her indefinite support that she has for her daughter, in order to make her child more independent and self sufficient.

53.) Since her childhood, a daughter idolizes her mother first and then someone else. She tries her best to be as similar to her mother as possible.

miss you mother quotes

54.) Cleanliness is very important for a mom but sometimes letting loose and not caring about the mess can be very relaxing for her and her kids.

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55.)  A mother is nothing but a well wisher for her daughter. She understands how her kid needs to go through tough times to rise stronger and wiser.

mother quotes from daughter inspirational

56.)  The proudest thing that a mother can hear is that her daughter is just like her. Sharing her identity with her little baby gives her the joy of a lifetime.

relationship between mother and daughter quotes

57.) Even if given a chance no daughter will ever trade a thing that she gets from her mother because that’s something very precious to her.

daughter week quotes

58.) There are no second thoughts that mothers don’t ever give up but the secret motivation behind this is that she doesn’t want her daughter to see her failing at any point.

mother daughter bond quotes

59.) Being friends with your mom is just a chance but being her best friend is a daughter’s choice. As time grows by, and you grow older, you will realize that this is one of the truest mother daughter quotes ever.

my daughter quotes

60.)  There are times when daughters become rebellious and go against whatever their mom tells them to do, but it is just a matter of time that they realize how right their moms were, about whatever advice they gave. A daughter is a daughter all her life.

miss you mom quotes

61.) No person can go unnoticed from a mother’s eyes who has tried to hurt her daughter and it is for sure that she will make sure that you are not able to come near her ever.


62.) Everything about mom is awesome and she a real life wonder woman who saves the whole family from trouble.

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63.) We may not get second chances at love but luckily our first encounter with love was with mom which is everlasting.


64.) Being a mother is like being on a roller coaster at all times because there is speed, thrill, ups and downs.


65.) Daughters make sure that they make their moms laugh and take things lightly sometimes. They act as stress relievers and pain killers for the mothers. A mother will always think, ‘Never forget that I love you, my daughter’.

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66.) Teenagers are the toughest to deal with and it is really amusing to see how moms come up with witty ideas and techniques to pull their daughters out of the irreversible trouble they try getting in.


67.) All that a mother has, is her daughter and to protect her she can go to any limit without thinking of any consequences.


68.) No mom is a regular person and has her own weird side and this is exactly what makes her so special and dear to her daughter. Never be ashamed or embarrassed of your mom’s special and quirky traits. Share this unique mother daughter quote with her to show your acceptance, love and sense of humour!

me and my daughter quotes

69.) Having your mom in your happiest moments and not having her around when those things happen, is indeed a different life experience. Your mom’s happiness with your achievements does indeed add a wonderful shine to them!

strong mother quotes

70.) Moms are the best things that ever happened to this world & then come their miniature versions, who are equally loveable. This is possibly the most adorable of mother daughter quotes in this article! Look at the cute mom and daughter cat duo below.

mother daughter quotes amazing
If you liked our curation of 70 awesome mother daughter quotes for you, then do share this list with the important mum or daughter, or friend in your life! Check out our other curated collections of inspirational quotes on friendship, healing and inspiration here.


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