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You Spend 1/3rd of Your Life Asleep so Make It Count: Best Mattresses in India for Back Pain

By Akanksha Sharma

Back pain is one of the most debilitating illnesses that an individual can face in their lifetime. The back supports us throughout our lifetime, and if there are any illnesses associated with it, we feel the impact in every part of our body. Back pain is a problem that not only affects our health, but it inconveniences us in every possible way. It affects our mobility, or work, and our state of mind too. That’s why we have decided to write this in-depth review on the best mattresses in India for back pain.

Negative Effects of Back Pain on Mind, Mood and Body

An insightful article by IndiaTimes shares that restlessness and impatience are a few stressors associated with back pain. Chronic pain affects the mood and concentration adversely. A study also highlighted that the greater the number of back pain symptoms someone experienced, the more likely they were to have disorders related to mood. People with back pain can get restless or impatient. They were also more likely to have trouble with carrying out functions.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is that we only start taking care of our back after we experience back pain. If you are looking for a good mattress in India for back pain for your loved one, then that’s an admirable thing. However, know that you are also getting older. Prevention is better than cure and sleeping on a suitable mattress is very essential to your long-term overall health. A good mattress helps prevent insomnia, back pain as well as neck pain.

 How Common is Back Pain these days?

 As per the WHO Global Burden of Disease Study, 80 percent of the people in India have suffered from a back pain incident at least once in their lives. Furthermore, according to an article in The Hindu Business Line, fewer women are treated for back pain as compared with pain. The two most prevalent problems among patients were slipped disc and lower back pain. Also, 45 percent of people didn’t seek treatment for their pain until 7 weeks had passed, which just led to the deterioration of the condition.

Which Demographic of People Need to take the most Care to Prevent Back Pain?

  • People with a sitting job
  • Those who work in the IT industry
  • Sports-persons and weight-lifters in the Gym
  • Individuals with weak bones and joints
  • Overweight people

It’s Better to Prevent Back Pain than to Cure It

You need to prevent back pain using holistic methods. Take a good diet, maintain proper posture while working and while exercising, especially in the gym. Using a proper mattress is also very important. Just think, how wonderful it would feel to be free from back pain throughout your life.

If you have a weak spine, or have a pre-existing spine condition; it can be worsened if you sleep on a poor mattress. We spend 6-8 hours of our day sleeping everyday, that is almost 1/3rd of our lifetime. And if 1/3rd of our lifetime is spent in discomfort, then that will definitely have an adverse affect on our spine.

Physiotherapist’s Guide to Buying a Good Mattress

So, as we in India, get mattresses of all different kinds, shapes and sizes, Dr Stuti Sunil Dhingra (Director – Healing Hands Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & Chiropractic clinic, Faridabad) shares a few tips to look for a good mattress for improving your back pain below:

“In India we get two major types of mattresses.

  1. A) Coir Foam sandwich mattress
  2. B) Spring mattress

If you opt for a Coir foam sandwich mattress, it should be medium firm so that it supports your hips and shoulders. A thicker top of foam will add more softness. A memory foam mattress conforms body’s shape to support weight and the comfort of the back. Sleeping on a very firm mattress or wooden frame may aggravate joint pain.
If you opt for a Spring mattress, check the arrangement of coils and count. A higher concentration and gauge indicates better quality. The mattress depth alone when you lie on it and test it, should range between 7-18 inches depending upon the severity of back pain.
Apart from the choice of mattress, how a person sleeps at night really matters.
– Sleeping on your back with pillows below your head and knees ensures a good sleeping posture.
– A side lying position with pillows between your knees and under your head is also good.
– Worst sleeping posture is sleeping on your tummy, as it flattens your natural back curve and puts strain on your back and neck muscles.”

In this review article, we have categorized the mattresses by budget, and have shared a few options for Low, Medium and High Budget Options. Please note that these mattresses do come in other size variations, so you need to visit the seller’s website and find out other size specification if your requirements differ from the options given below.

Best Low Budget Mattresses in India

  1. Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft (72*36*5inch)

Benefits of this Mattress:

  • It is soft on one side and firm on another side, so you can use it as per your need and requirement
  • Comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • The mattress is filled with high-density foam material
  • It is one of most highly rated mattresses on Amazon, with 480 customer reviews and an average rating of 4 and a half stars
  • You can get it customized (cut) by the manufacturer if the dimensions do not match the exact dimensions of your bed

Cons of the Mattress

  • Some customers mentioned delayed or late delivery as issues
  1. SleepyCat – Gel Memory Foam Mattress (78x60x6 inches)

 Benefits of this Mattress:

  • This six-inch high mattress comprises of one inch of gel memory foam material and five inches of high density foam material
  • The memory foam moulds to the shape of your body, providing your back with ample comfort and relaxation
  • Along with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer, you also get a 30-night free trial, and if you aren’t satisfied with the mattress, you can return it, and get a complete re-fund.
  • The mattress will be delivered to you in a compact and portable box, thus removing the hassles associated with delivery
  • One of the most highly rated mattresses on Amazon, with 274 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.7 stars

Cons of the Mattress:

  • The mattress may not be suitable for those people who prefer a hard mattress, as some of the reviewers on Amazon claimed that it was too soft for them 

Best Medium Budget Mattresses in India for Back Pain

  1. Take Care Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress(78*60*6Inch)

Benefits of this Mattress:

  • Has a balanced feel and consistency to it; as one reviewer on Amazon put it, ‘Perfectly balanced – not too stiff and not too soft.’
  • Many reviewers have left reviews, stating that the mattress is very comfortable & the mattress has an average review of 4.7 stars
  • It comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty
  1. Wake-Fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress (78 * 60 * 6inch)

Benefits of this Mattress:

  • This is the number one best-seller on Amazon India in the entire ‘Mattresses and Box Springs’ category
  • The mattress has a medium firm feel to it and it comes with a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Comes along with a cover, an inner stitched cover as well as a removable outer cover which can be washed
  • Mattress size can be customized if you contact the Wake-Fit customer care team
  • The primary material of the mattress is memory foam
  • This mattress is suitable for those people who prefer a firmer feel to their mattress
  1. Urban Ladder DreamLite Comfort 9-inch King Size Eurotop Bonnel Spring Mattress (White, 78x72x9)

Benefits of this Mattress:

  • Bonnel Spring construction, which is anti-corrosive in nature gives a long life to these mattresses
  • The mattress is light, with good air flow and enhanced back support
  • It has a top layer of soft foam for comfort, while at the same time having an edge support system to prevent you from falling off the mattress

Cons of the Mattress:

  • Size customization options are not available as of now
  • The five-year warranty is pro-rated; therefore, you may have to incur some of the costs of replacement or repair

Best High Budget Mattresses in India for Back Pain

  1. Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress (78 x 72 x 6 Inch)

Benefits of this Mattress:

  • Made to Order and Highly Customizable, therefore you can provide your exact bed-size to the manufacturers
  • Provides comfort to sufferers of back pain as well as neck pain
  • Good quality top finish, providing a luxurious feel to the mattress
  • Five-year warranty from the manufacturer

Cons of the Mattress

  • May take ten to fifteen days to deliver
  1. Spinetech Air by Sleepwell

Benefits of this Mattress:

  • This is one of the most premium products available in the market
  • It has been crafted for the maximum support and comfort of your back
  • Uses memory foam and is treated with health fresh technology
  • A firm and a durable mattress
  • Luxurious pillow top cover and finish

Cons of the Mattress:

  • Once ordered, this product cannot be cancelled

So, we hope that this article was informative, and that it helped you in making the right decision about what mattress to buy for back pain. Please do take care of your posture and diet. Of course, seek proper medical help and do follow your treatment plan rigorously.
For back pain, you can definitely consult Dr Stuti Sunil Dhingra. Her credentials are as follows:
DO (Diplomate in Osteopathy, Canada)
DMCT (Diplomate in Masters of Chiropratic, Sweden)
Stay happy and stay healthy. If you liked this article, do share it with the important people in your life  and show them you care.

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