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Get Fit Now: The Best Fitness Bands in India will Motivate You to Transform

By Akanksha Sharma

Fitness is the need of the hour in our society. One of the best ways to become empowered and to deal with the challenges of life is to have a fit and healthy body. With the rise of fast, delicious and calorie-laden food in our urban and rural living spheres, maintaining a healthy body has become a greater problem than ever. These days, the kind of work has shifted from physical to mental. We need monitors and motivators to keep our exercise on track. That’s why we have written in detail about the best fitness bands in India.

Middle Class Indians are Getting Unhealthier by the Day

The result is that we are becoming unhealthier than ever before. According to this feature by CNN, the daily step count of middle class Indians is only 4000, a dismally low number. We need to be motivated to take care of our bodies, to eat healthier and to exercise more. This is especially true for people of a certain age, who are much more prone to diseases related to weight gain. Many elderly people do start their morning or evening walk routine which much fanfare. However, they quickly get de-motivated when they do not see results as quickly as expected.

Best Fitness Bands in India

It is Very Important to Keep Track of Your Physical Activity

All the above information just goes to show that it is very important for us to measure and quantify our physical activity. We need to track the amount of exercise we are doing, and the number of calories we are burning in order to plan our diet and set realistic expectations of ourselves. Furthermore, we always get that boost of motivation when we see how much we have accomplished so far. One of the best ways through which we can keep our fitness goals on track is by using fitness bands or fitness trackers. So here are the best fitness bands in India and there is something for every budget:

Low Budget Choices

OMNiX™: ID115 Plus HR Smart Wristband Heart Rate Monitor

  • One of the best fitness bands in the low budget category
  • Stylish appearance
  • Lasts for five days once charged
  • Accurate step count and pulse count
  • Displays heart rate accurately


  • Some customers had trouble connecting the band to the app
  • It counts foot steps even while you’re normally walking
  • Some customers didn’t find the wrist belt to be very comfortable

Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2 Classic Activity Tracker (Black)

  • It alerts you if you are sedentary in one place for 20 minutes or more
  • Has different modes such as indoors, out-doors and swimming
  • Stylish design and a well-built device
  • Good sleep-tracking feature
  • Battery lasts between 3-4 weeks


  • There are two apps associated with this device, and setting them up may prove to be complicated

OPTA SB-043 VIVO-OFIT BAND HD Color Display Bluetooth Fitness Smartwatch

  • The smart-watch has a ‘Find My Phone’ feature. So, this is really helpful if you are someone who misplaces their phone a lot. You can sync up the watch to your phone and find your phone easily.
  • Customers have fallen in love with the stylish and luxurious look of the watch
  • Overall, customers rate this as a good quality smart-watch with all the necessary features intact


  • Syncing up with Bluetooth may be a difficult procedure

 Medium Budget Choices

SOULFIT Sonic V08 activity tracker

  • Heart rate measurement is very accurate, comparable to medical measuring devices
  • The sleep data and feedback is detailed
  • It measures BP, calories burnt and footsteps
  • Is ergonomically designed and feels very comfortable
  • Comes along with a detachable Bluetooth earpiece, which is very hardy and doesn’t fall off even during workouts
  • Excellent customer service from SOULFIT
  • Once you sync the tracker to your phone, you can answer and reject calls using the Bluetooth earpiece


  • Two days’ battery life
  • Some customers found the Bluetooth earpiece to be slightly loose

Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker (Black, Small)

  • A very high rated and beloved fitness tracker with over 4070 customer reviews on Amazon
  • Apart from the normal features such as heart rate monitor, fitness tracker and calorie counting; it can also link up to your gym equipment and monitor the performance there
  • The heart rate monitor is very accurate
  • Chest strap is comfortable
  • The app synced with the device keeps an unlimited history of your workouts. Syncing is a smooth process.
  • This device can be connected to GPS as well


  • In case the readings become erratic after prolonged usage (continued usage of 12-15 hours), then the batteries need to be removed, and re-inserted after half an hour

 High Budget Choices

Garmin Forerunner 235 Activity Tracker

  • This high performance activity tracker is perfect for sports enthusiasts and even professional athletes
  • Its running and cycling features are very well developed
  • There is an extra band of a different colour included with the tracker
  • You can sync it to the famous calorie counting app MyFitnessPal
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Inbuilt GPS

Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch

  • Long lasting battery
  • It is easy to pair the watch with the heart rate monitor
  • Customers like the app that interacts with the V800
  • It has an intuitive interface and provides a good user experience
  • Has an amazing set of functions and features 


  • Not so conducive for swimming activities; as the heart rate monitor is not accurate in water

Make Fitness a Part of Your Lifestyle

Remember that exercise is a lifestyle, not a trend. One of the best ways to keep your fitness goals on track is to work out with a friend. This increases accountability and will make your routine more sustainable. The body is the temple that the mind and soul reside in. Always respect and love your body. Be kind to it. It supports you in each and every thing that you do.

Best Fitness Bands in India 2
The body is the temple that the mind and soul reside in. Always respect and love your body.

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