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The Best Cat Toys India Has to Offer: Buy them Now!

By Akanksha Sharma

I am a cat parent and I love and adore my furry friend to bits. However, I’ll have to admit that it is a constant struggle to keep my cat entertained and well-exercised. This is something that I must do; because if I don’t, then Toffee (my cat) releases his excess energy by running around the house like crazy and startling everyone in the process. Our legs become the unsuspecting victims of his frenzied scratches. On the other hand, Toffee is the sweetest and the cuddliest cat when he has his adequate amount of daily playtime and exercise. His positive response to playing with toys, prompted me to share the best cat toys India has to offer, with you all.

You Can Make the Cat Toys India Has to Offer, Last for a Long Time

One thing  I do is to keep rotating the cat toys. I hide one for a few days and bring out another. This way the novelty factor lasts for a longer time. Psst…this list also contains a reasonably priced cat tree. That’s been my most recent and golden vetted purchase. It has solved multiple purposes; given him a place to sit and look over all the activity going on in the house, provided multiple scratching posts, created a hiding place when those oh-so-pesky guests come visiting!  Oh, and you don’t want to miss the number six item that is in this list. So let’s get started and see the best cat toys online.

Pets Empire Catch The Mouse Motion Cat Toy (9×9-inch)


  • This toy is free from BPA plastic
  • Good quality and well-built toy
  • Popular product as it has 72 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.2 stars
  • It has a dual fun feature; cats can chase the ball around the tiny race track and also bat away at the mouse which is attached on top of the toy with a spring
  • This is a good toy to keep cats engaged and help them simulate play/hunting situations 


  • One customer shared that the toy is smaller than it appears in the pictures

POPETPOP 16Pcs Funny Cat Feather Toys, Interactive Cat Toy Feather Teaser Set, Plush Mice Animal Toys for Kitty Includes Stick Toy Sisal Mice Scratch Ball Teaser

Best Cat Toys in India Variety
A variety of the best cat toys online is sure to keep your cat entertained


  • If you’re looking for a toy option that provides on-going variety and is cost-effective too, then look no further than this set of 16 pieces of some of the most popular cat toys out there
  • You can store the toys in a basket, and rotate them throughout the days in order to ensure the novelty factor
  • The toys are made out of feathers and PVC
  • This collection includes a stick toy, a sisal mouse scratcher, a catnip toy, balls and toys with bells and different textures

Generic Dangler Rod Roped Teaser Toy Bell and Natural Feather for Pet


  • This is the classical toy that cat experts all over the world recommend
  • It is perfect for activating and satisfying your cat’s natural hunting instinct
  • ‘Catching’ the feather and bells tagging at the end of the string would give them that mental ‘reward’ that cats yearn for, after a successful hunt
  • A great choice for active cats, as the feather flutters realistically and makes the cats excited
  • A great bonding activity between you and your cat, as you will manually move the stick around and engaged your cat in play


  • Some customers said that the rope was fragile, and that it could be separated from the stick during aggressive play

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts, Large

Best Cat Toys in India
One of the best cat toys in India that serves multiple purposes


  • Cats love to be perched atop high places, and survey all that goes around. It makes them feel happy and secure in their territory, so this cat tree will be a wonderful addition to your home.
  • The tree looks stylish, and its universal colour will ensure that it looks good in your home.
  • There are three different levels that your cat can explore and sit on
  • The seven scratching posts or pillars of the cat house provide a good surface for the cat to scratch and sharpen its nails naturally


  • The tree will have to be assembled. Assembly instructions will be provided.
  • The cat may take some time to get acclimated to the tree. Personally, my cat took about a week to explore it completely and to start using it. But once he had warmed up to it, the tree became his favourite thing ever.

Want to know how to play with your cat using interactive cat toys? Watch the video below to learn how to have a fun bonding time with your cat!

Segolike Cloth Cat Tunnel Folding Tent Stripe Button Connection 2 Suspend Balls Pet Toy (Pink)


  • This toy appeals to the hiding instinct of the cats and their curiosity for un-explored spaces
  • It has two dangling balls at each end, which entice the cat to run from one part of the tunnel to another
  • You can play hide and seek with your cat and have a gala time together
  • The tunnel is made of cloth, so it is easy to clean
  • There is a circular peep hole, through which the cat can peep out and observe its surroundings

SRI Astronaut Pet Cat Dog Puppy Carrier Travel Bag Space Capsule Backpack Breathable


  • This carrier is a god-send for those people who have a difficult time taking their cat out of the home, such as for vet visits
  • It is a fun and more convenient alternative than a cage or a typical carrier
  • You can take your cat on adventures with you and explore different places with it
  • It looks extremely striking and cute, and is sure to draw many admiring glances
  • This particular model is more expensive than the others, but it is made of high quality PVC and mesh
  • There is a high quality metal zipper, and right and left venting holes to ensure that proper air circulation takes place
  • There is a comfortable cloth pad at the base of the carrier and a breathable cushion for the back


  • This carrier can’t accommodate large dogs and cats. It is suitable for dogs that weigh less than 5 kgs and cats that weigh less than 6 kgs

cat toys india
So, make this Christmas memorable for you and your cat! Pick up a toy or something fun, for the two of you to play with. Involve your family members too. Have fun and create some lovely memories. 🙂

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