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The Best Organic Coconut Oils in India are a Boon For Your Beauty

By The Editorial Team 

Most of us who have grown up in India, might have fond memories of our parents lovingly oiling us with coconut oil when we were kids. The luckier one among us continued to receive those ever-so -relaxing head massages or champis even after we grew up.  But coconut oil has never seemed that glamorous to us, perhaps due to its ubiquitous use. Most of us wouldn’t know about the wonderful benefits that organic coconut oil has, not just for hair, but also for our skin. That’s why we felt compelled to write about the best organic coconut oils in India.

Now, the question comes, why organic? Well, there are numerous advantages that certified, pure organic oil has over the garden variety mass market manufactured oil. According to Centrafoods, organic coconut oil is not refined and it is not produced chemically. It still contains all the natural goodness and benefits of polyphenols and anti-oxidants. Organic oil is made from fresh coconut flesh. Refined oil on the other hand is often bleached and deodorized, and has reduced nutritional content. The oil is made from dried coconut flesh.

Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil for Skin

 Apply coconut oil at night after washing your face if you have dry skin. Let it be on your skin for the whole night, and wake up with plumped up, hydrated skin. The oil penetrates several layers deep into your skin. Being a natural product, it saves your skin from the chemicals and toxins of mass market moisturizers and lotions.

Mix your oil with other ingredients such as sugar, to create a natural scrub, which you can use as a part of your DIY (do it yourself) facial/beauty routine. Organic coconut oil is also a natural makeup remover. Use it to gently remove your makeup residue, without damaging your skin with chemical-heavy toners and removers.

Use the oil on your whole body after a bath. It contains Vitamin E and will make your skin soft, smooth and supple. The oil also has de-tanning effects. A regular coconut oil self-massage after your bath will improve blood circulation, and the texture of your skin. Massage it on your under-arms, as there are lymph nodes present under the skin there. Applying coconut oil after a bath will also help your skin heal due to the proteins present in the oil.

Five Awesome Uses for Organic Coconut Oil

Here are five unusual things that you can do with organic coconut oil. Watch the video below to learn more:

Organic Coconut Oil is a Boon for Hair

Dr Axe has shared some of the best benefits of organic coconut oil for hair. The oil contains lauric acid, which is easily absorbed by hair and prevents hair from losing proteins. It is a natural conditioner, and applying warm oil on your hair two hours before a shampoo, will give your hair the deep conditioning that it needs. Wrap a hot towel around your head after applying the oil to it for better absorption. A nice head massage with the oil will stimulate hair growth and improve blood circulation.

You can also try to beat dandruff with organic coconut oil. The medium-chain fatty acids, like lauric acid and capric acid in the oil help fight fungus and microbes which cause dandruff.

These are the Best Organic Coconut Oil Brands in India

 As it is the winter season in many parts of India currently, we are going to share the oil brands which come in winter-friendly containers. Due to the fact that organic coconut oil becomes solid below certain temperatures, these containers will allow you to scoop out the solid oil easily. You can then warm it up in your palms, or using a hot water double boiler before applying it.

Budget Options

The HappyGrove Co. Cold Processed Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml Glass Jar (Extracted from Coconut Milk by Centrifuge Process)


  • It has zero trans fats and zero cholesterol
  • A pocket friendly option which has multiple uses such as for baby massages and soothing rashes from diapers
  • Use it in place of a traditional shaving lotion too
  • You can use it for the ancient Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling too, which will help maintain oral hygiene and help whiten your teeth naturally 

organic coconut oil india

Max Care Wide Mouth Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, 500ml


  • This brand has over 35 years of experience in the coconut industry
  • It has been extracted using cold press techniques and is completely natural and un-refined
  • The oil extracted from fresh coconut milk, not from dehydrated coconut meat


  • A few customers reported that the smell of the oil was extremely strong as per their preferences

Medium Options

Bytewise Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold-Pressed), 1 Litre


  • You get one litre of amazing quality organic coconut oil at a reasonable price
  •  The coconuts used to make this oil have been grown naturally and are 100 percent free from pesticides
  • It has been certified organic by the USDA and by EU organic
  • The oil has also been lab tested, so you can be assured about the quality of what you are purchasing

 Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 414ml


  • A well-loved product with 110 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.2 stars
  • It has a lovely, creamy taste that is beloved by customers. It can be refrigerated or kept at room temperature in winters.
  • The oil tastes simply amazing on bread and toast, and is an excellent and healthy replacement for butter.
  • The bottle is very elegant and has a simple and easy-to-open design

Best Organic Coconut Oil India Online

High-End Options  

Fushi Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 250g/300ml, Organic Cold Pressed – Organic Superfood


  • This jar of oil was made from 2.5 succulent coconuts
  • It is cold pressed, unrefined and has been certified as organic
  • This brand is a celebrity favourite, and is used by the Kardashian sisters too
  • It is very smooth to apply and doesn’t have a very strong smell 

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Unrefined White Kernel Coconut Oil Tub. (14 oz. Glass Jar)


  • This oil has 434 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.4. out of five stars, which shows its trustworthiness and popularity
  • It comes in an elegant and re-usable glass jar
  • The oil smells like a fresh coconut and tastes amazing
  • Has been certified organic as well as fair trade
  • It is extremely pure and you can use it extensively for your cooking and baking needs and it is full of good fats

Organic Coconut Oil India Health Benefits

It’s time we left the world of chemical and preservative laden products behind, and start embracing the goodness that is true organic and natural products. If we value our health, we must be ready to make some changes. And isn’t it delightful when those changes have beauty and wellness benefits too? Start treating yourself and your body preciously. Don’t overload it with all kinds of toxins and chemicals, which accumulate in your body over time, and cause great damage to it in the long run.

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