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Writers: Build Your Area of Expertise & Create Your Personal Brand!

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Indspire Me is looking for contributing writers who are interested in any of the following niche areas: Health and Wellness, Travel, Business, Book Reviews, Education and Issues of Social Impact and Social Development. We do not expect our writers to be Jacks/Jills of all trades. In fact, we would like for them to develop a strong portfolio in particular niche areas. This will help them build their own personal brands, especially if they are students, looking to transition into a full-time writing career.

We do not offer remuneration to our writers at this point in time. We provide a detailed author bio, a profile picture and full credits to all our contributing writers. Along with that we edit the article, optimize it for better search engine ranking, add visuals and also package and promote the articles on all our social media platforms. We guarantee that your writing will reach a wide and meaningful reader-base.

Brands/Organizations: Get People Talking About You!


Are you an awesome brand/organization looking for a unique and meaningful platform to get people talking about you? Well, look no further because Indspire Me will connect you to the target audience that you desire to reach. Our brand advertorials and public relations services are customized and curated to be the perfect match for you end goals. We are very fussy about quality, so we will ensure that your message is conveyed in a properly contextualized and shareable way. We care about your brand integrity.

Non Profits/ Social Enterprises/ Inspiring People: Tell Us About Yourself! 

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If you’re working to make India, or the world, a more inspiring place to live in; then we want to hear from you! We are always on the look out for positive news stories from non-profits, social entrepreneurs or even just people who are doing unique and inspiring things. We believe that there’s nothing like a daily dose of inspiration and positive messaging to keep our brains happy!

To have a chat with us regarding any of the above, write to us at



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