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Abrar Raza


Abrar Raza is an expert Counselling Psychologist for Personal Development, Self Improvement, Family & Relationship Issues, Workplace Wellness, Managing & Coping various life events and situations, and for overall Emotional Well-being. He is based out of Delhi and works as a Consultant Corporate Counsellor with WorkplaceOptions and Optum. He also takes private consultation at his residence. He also dedicates few hours to a well-known Online Counseling portal YourDost.

Abrar carries with himself more than 8 years of experience in 3 MNCs, at a Super Specialty Hospital, in Delhi Family Court, and at a National Child Guidance Center. As an Alumnus of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, his work is fully dedicated towards the Mental and Emotional well-being and wellness of the youth of India. He tries to spread knowledge and awareness through his YouTube channel to the Hindi speaking population.

Mimansa Singh Tanwar

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Mimansa Singh Tanwar, is Clinical Psychologist and the Coordinator of the Fortis School Mental Health and Clinical Psychology Program with the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences. She has been practicing in the field of Psychology for the last 8 years and has been integrally involved in working with children and adolescents.

Her passion is in working towards enhancing the mental health of school aged children. She has been also been conducting numerous workshops and seminars over the years with students, teachers and parents. She also conducts workshops in corporate on lifestyle and stress related issues and has keen interest qualitatively working towards mental well-being in organizations. Through media she has been working towards making Mental Health a priority for the young members of our society.

Barkha Narang

Barkha Narang is a career planning expert & an experienced counselling psychologist. She is an alumnus of Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi where she completed her Bachleor’s degree in psychology and is a Master’s degree holder in counselling psychology from Amity University.

A certified Global Career Counsellor by UCLA, Barkha has been successful in guiding numerous students to discover their true potential. She truly believes in the ideology of fair minded & unbiased career guidance for young minds. Having worked with eminent psychologists & top career counsellors across Delhi, she has now set out on her own journey of providing extensive career counselling services to students, graduates & professionals through her startup “Career Cures”.

Rashmi Cherian


Rashmi Cherian is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Food & Nutrition and a Certified Sports & Exercise Nutritionist. She has been providing nutritional counselling for almost a decade, displaying a vast diversity of clientele seeking her expertise. A leading Sports Nutritionist, Rashmi works with a wide variety of professional and amateur athletes in swimming, tennis, badminton, triathlon, cycling, football, basketball, cricket, golf, go karting etc. She teaches them how to have more energy, lose undesired body fat, enjoy a winning sports diet—and feel confident bout their food choices.

She currently serves as the Official Sports Nutritionist for Birel Art. As Rashmi’s love for helping other’s continued to grow, she decided to open WELLNESS VOWS Nutrition Clinic, which focusses on overall wellness, sports nutrition, weight imbalances, lifestyle disorders, auto immune diseases etc. Rashmi has been a key note speaker at conferences, lectures, sports academies, schools and corporations across the country. Two of her research papers have been published in international journals – “Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry” and “Nutritional Neuroscience”.
Rashmi’s nutrition philosophy is one that looks at the total person. She believes “If YOU take care of your body, it will take care of you.” Outside of her work, Rashmi loves cooking, is a fitness freak and a proud mother of a young boy. You can contact Rashmi on FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram. She can also be reached on wellnessvows@gmail.com

 Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way.  He started selling toys at the age of 5, came out with his first IPO when he was 12 and started investing with only Rs. 750 (around USD 10) at the age of 16. He believes everyone deserves to be happy and have fun while achieving their goals! Visit happionaire.com to find out more.

Dr Stuti Sunil Dhingra (PT)

Director – Healing Hands Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & Chiropractic clinic, Faridabad
DO (Diplomate in Osteopathy, Canada)
DMCT (Diplomate in Masters of Chiropractic, Sweden)

Daniel Lee

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Daniel Lee is a seasoned Human Resources professional with over 10 years of experience in Banking, Consultancy, Manufacturing, and Facilities Management. In his corporate life, Daniel has held positions responsible for learning calendars of global business units involving four thousand employees, and millions in learning budgets.

Employing a facilitation style that utilizes personal experiences, storytelling, improvisation, humor, and stage performance, Daniel engages audiences from the very beginning of his trainings. Deep knowledge and skills transfer linked to personal development is his main aim. He focuses on the concepts of Personal development and Personal leadership, and help others find clarity of direction in what they do, and imparts the understanding that all leadership starts with the individual. More information on that can be found on his website: www.charmandhumour.com. Daniel has lived and worked in Australia for 10 years, and easily adds an international element to any engagement.

Sayan Mukherjee


I’m Sayan, and I occasionally write for Indspire Me. I have an almost  passionate penchant for wordplay, Dota, Age of Empires II, and marketing (and overusing the Oxford Comma). I’m an alumnus of the Delhi College of Engineering, and have worked in Google for over 4 years, so yeah I know some things about Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

Haimanti Pandey


Haimanti Pandey is a Certified Image Consultant and Certified Life Coach. Her expertise lies in Appearance Management & Personal Counselling. She has been working with individuals on their transformation and believes everyone is special and unique in their own way and at times people need attention and motivation. She has been travelling all over India and inspiring people with her skill set.

In 2017, she launched her own consultancy named “REVAMP NATION”. In her own words, “I have a dream to touch lives in a way that it helps people to know their importance, excel, grow and come out of any sort of negativity”.

Haimanti  gives one on one sessions and her client list includes people from all sorts of profession Bankers, Corporates, Students, housewives and so on.

Nisha Dhawan


Nisha Dhawan is a Fashion and English literature student. Her interests lie in fashion , fitness , travel and photography. She is an animal lover who wishes to do something big for the homeless animals in the near future and also has a pet dog named Tyson.

Pankhuri Kumar


Pankhuri Kumar is a student of Economics (Honours) at Hindu College, University of Delhi. She is a big believer in the power of positivity and plans to do her MBA in the future.  In her free time, Pankhuri can be found checking out new places to eat and shop at.

Aishwarya Bhargav


Aishwarya Bhargav is a Research Scholar at the National University of Singapore. Her research primarily focuses on biomaterials and their applications. She is an avid blogger and a foodie.

Sahil Aggarwal


Sahil Aggarwal is an MBA graduate with a specialisation in Human Capital Management.  He describes himself as an immature ping pong player, voracious reader, avid writer, Urdu shayari lover, a street foodie by heart and a perpetual learner. He likes to read various genres of books such as philosophy, psychology, epistemology, biographies and of course fiction.One of his favourite quotes is – “I wonder and gaze upon myself as an atom in the universe and the whole universe within the self.”

Shivalika Sharma


Shivalika Sharma is an MBA graduate. In her precious time saved from  clocking the routine of 9 to 5, she likes to read books in the genres of philosophy, autobiography and fiction, write poetry, dance (i.e. a stress buster) and have long conversations with her little brother contemplating life. According to her, time well spent with family and friends is the most valuable. She is passionate about the causes of educating children and conserving the environment. She is an active volunteer with SPIC-MACAY an organisation promoting Indian culture and art-forms.

Sonalika Rawat


Notorious Nutritionist, Sonalika Rawat, believes in achieving a healthy lifestyle without compromising your love for food. Get Back to basics with het. If you have any queries regarding the article or if you are looking for customized Food Plans, write to her at  notoriousnutritionist@gmail.com. Follow her on Instagram at @nototriousnutritionist !

Abhishek Singh Rathore


Abhishek Singh Rathore is a student whose interests lie in photography,  music and travelling. He is a fitness enthusiast. He has a 10 year old dog named Casper.

Akriti Niti Guha

Akriti Niti Guha is a cat slave whose mission is to help foster, rescue, spay and/or neuter every cat in need, across the world. Her efforts are limited to New Delhi/NCR for now, but everything is possible when the feline force is with you. Akriti also runs a mad cap Cat Boarding and foster home and most cats leave her with five-paw ratings. Feel free to check out Purrfection India on Facebook and  Instagram  or write to Akriti at n.guha@gmail.com.

Prabhu Swaminathan


Prabhu Swaminathan is one book old and is trying to turn two books old in the coming days. His first book Wasted in Engineering was self-published and he primarily used social media advertising to generate sales. His areas of interests include journalism, travel and photography.

Anubha Sarkar


Anubha Sarkar is currently a PhD candidate at Monash University where she explores the connections between creativity, culture and economy. When failing miserably in following a schedule for her research, she can be found loitering in libraries or galleries, and subsequently gorging on food. She can be reached at anubhasarkar@gmail.com.

Renuka Sharma

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Renuka Sharma is an Educator with 30 years of experience. An Avantika International Prize awardee, she is currently working as a Headmistress with a school in Faridabad, Haryana. She is passionate about the cause of charity and girls’ education with the purpose of bringing a transformation in the mindset of Indian society. In her spare time, Renuka likes to read and write about issues of social interest.

Sarah Zia


Sarah Zia is a Delhi-based journalist and researcher. Her interests lie at the intersection of gender, media and mobilities. She can be reached at sarahzia612@gmail.com.

Akanksha Thakral

Akanksha Thakral is a verbal and soft skills trainer. She is a national level debater and has won in various public speaking events. When she isn’t glued to her work, she likes to spend her time researching on modern furniture, listening to her favourite tracks and planning to buy the next stationary item. She is currently pursuing her M.Com from the University of Delhi and is teaching the verbal section to CAT aspirants. You can reach her at akankshathakral@gmail.com or visit her group on Facebook, ‘ENGLISH BY AKANKSHA’.

Abhilash Surendran

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Abhi has been to 78 countries so far, and hopes to become the youngest Indian to visit all the countries of the world over the next few years. A traveller, photographer and blogger who dreams of completely abstaining from a corporate life, he has decided to immerse himself in travels, photography, occasional periods of bankruptcy, and copious amounts of insanity.

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