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Indspire Me is an inspiring, lifestyle portal. We share motivational stories, articles and interviews from all over India. Some of the best writers and experts in Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Careers regularly get published with us. Thanks to our Editorial Team, which is very selective about the kind of content curated on the site, we are able to give you a great reading experience.

We have a lot of different categories of motivational stories and articles for your reading pleasure, such as:

Since October, 2016, our small but committed team is trying to bring positivity and accuracy back, to the increasingly negative and sensationalistic media landscape in India.

Get to know our experts and contributors, and their areas of expertise here. If you’d like to write for us and become part of our roster of experts or if you’re a brand that would like to collaborate, please say hi to us at .

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Be a part of Indspire Me’s vision to inspire India and Beyond. If you too would like to share more motivational stories with India, and help bring about positive change, then you can do the following:

  • If you have a positive or inspiring story to share (it could be yours or someone else’s) or if you know someone inspiring whom we can interview, then write to us!
  • Share our articles and content with the wider world, and support us in our journey
  • Make a financial contribution, and join the limited list that receives our exclusive newsletter
  • Most importantly, stay positive and keep motivating the people around you to do better and achieve more in their lives

Motivational Stories are Symbols of Experience, Hope & Promise; the Promise of a Better Future. 

– Akanksha Sharma


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