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The Book Shop at Lajpat Bhawan: Inspiring Initiative of the Week

Yesterday, a friend and I stumbled upon a delightfully decrepit and cozy little bookstore in Lajpat Bhawan ( this is in Delhi, for our out of town readers) . Being bookworms, we couldn’t resist the lure of the sign board that quite simply said ‘Book Shop’. Of course, we had to take a peek. While… Continue reading The Book Shop at Lajpat Bhawan: Inspiring Initiative of the Week


Meet the Entrepreneur who wants to make stressed-out urban dwellers healthy, happy and free

Healing methods like wellness counselling and health coaching are extremely relevant these days as we all are battling stress, anxiety and depression, often in silence.

Whom do we reach out to? We are hardly trained to find the answers we need from within. So, we reach out to friends. Many a times, our friends are also in the same scenario. Then we reach out to elders. Often, elders aren’t really able to understand or even relate to the problems that we’re going through. There’s too much of a generation gap. After that, we turn to books. We turn to so many different kinds of activities. But we have a very hard time in finding the right answers to our problems, the answers that can serve us and also transform us.


This man wants to travel every single country in the world, and has already been to 75

Of course, my family is as conservative as any other Indian family. Since the age of 27, they have been asking me the usual fare that parents asks their children in India: When are you buying a house? A car? When are you getting married? For God’s sake, when are you having children? Why are you wasting all your money on travelling like this?

It was not an easy problem to handle. I have had to explain to them, that my priorities are not the same as their generation, or even most people in my generation. I would rather spend my money on collecting memories and experiences, than collecting stuff. They are not fully supportive yet, but at least, I am happy. They don’t stop me anymore from what I want to do.


This man is working to give Delhi’s children the healthcare they deserve: Meet Pratyush Kumar

NDCHRC is a common people’s initiative to set up India’s first not-for-profit, high quality and affordable Children’s Hospital & Research Centre all across India. The mission is carried out without regard to race, religion, colour, creed, gender, disability, national origin or the ability of a patient or family to pay. Our vision is to become India’s best children’s hospital. For more details, log on to

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The Legendary 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

I was recently introduced to the 10 step Korean Skincare routine of Innisfree. It is a Korean skincare and make up brand that makes organic and easy-on-the-skin products. To be honest, the whole routine is a little exhaustive and I was dragging myself to complete it every day, but it really works, and that too, immediately. It’s like investing in something that gives you immediate returns. So today’s post is going to be all about the routine and how I traced similarities in traditional Korean and Ayurvedic skincare.

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Landing In Rome: First Impressions

Another thing which I found quite empowering in both Rome and Venice was the presence of so many female employees in jobs that are mostly done by males in our country. Starting from taxi-drivers, to the train’s ticket checker, from fast food workers to receptionists at hotels, from security personnels in museums and metros to police and army officers, there was a striking dominance of women. Their diversity in the workplace was something I absolutely admired and hoped that we become like this, one day.