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Business Insight:Word of mouth referrals are a blessing for new businesses

Many people are averse to working for free. And that makes sense. Why should one give away quality services for nothing? But, herein lies the catch. Most people are so short-sighted that they fail to see that they can transform that ‘nothing’ into a whole lot of ‘something’. In my previous article on Indspire Me, I shared that in business, attitude matters much more than aptitude. Part of the right attitude is to transform a situation, which on the surface appears to have no apparent benefits for you, to your advantage.


This man is working to give Delhi’s children the healthcare they deserve: Meet Pratyush Kumar

NDCHRC is a common people’s initiative to set up India’s first not-for-profit, high quality and affordable Children’s Hospital & Research Centre all across India. The mission is carried out without regard to race, religion, colour, creed, gender, disability, national origin or the ability of a patient or family to pay. Our vision is to become India’s best children’s hospital. For more details, log on to

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Wellness Inspiration: This counter-intuitive yet simple method will kick start your weight loss spree

Hi guys. Ever since receiving such positive feedback over my last wellness post, I thought that I would make it a recurring thing. Part of a series, if you will. In this post, I’d like to share a counter-intuitive yet simple method that will kick start your weight loss spree. Having personally tried it myself,… Continue reading Wellness Inspiration: This counter-intuitive yet simple method will kick start your weight loss spree

Business Insights

Learn Search Engine Optimization easily with these two top resources

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is a very in-demand skill these days. As an SEO freelancer with good skills, you can make a good living for yourself. My little digital marketing agency, Sorting Hat Creative, provides search engine optimization services too. However, when I was still a newbie and trying to get in the game, I was very overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information available out there on resources for learning SEO techniques. Every other article seemed to be a never ending listicle of resources. At the end of one hour, I was very tired and none the wiser.

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Inspiring Job of the Day

When we think of government jobs, we have our own images and perceptions of government jobs in mind. We think that government jobs are relaxed and non-intensive. Apart from a few exceptions like the civil services, we don’t really think of them as ‘inspiring’. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty… Continue reading Inspiring Job of the Day

Wellness Insights

Wellness Insight: This non-gimmicky, simple way will help you shed the extra kilos

Many people have great ideas and visions of achieving them. But something as intangible as low self confidence often stops them from taking action steps towards their goals. Often this low self confidence is a result of unhappiness about their fitness, health and well-being. It is further drained by the harsh and judgmental comments of people around us, even, sometimes our near and dear ones.

In a society that is as obsessed with looks as ours, this can be very intimidating. We may stop venturing out and networking with people, being fearful of their censure. We may stop trying out for the opportunities that we should, ideally be grabbing with both hands. We get stuck into our own head, listening to the voices of others. We stop loving ourselves as much as we used to.

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Inspiring Job of the day

We have recently started a new feature for the readers of Indspire Me. We’ll be posting on job alert daily that is in a non conventional and non traditional field. We feel that there is a dearth of such jobs in the country. Also people often don’t get to know about such opportunities on mainstream… Continue reading Inspiring Job of the day