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Wellness Inspiration: This counter-intuitive yet simple method will kick start your weight loss spree

Hi guys. Ever since receiving such positive feedback over my last wellness post, I thought that I would make it a recurring thing. Part of a series, if you will. In this post, I’d like to share a counter-intuitive yet simple method that will kick start your weight loss spree. Having personally tried it myself, I can safely that it did work for me.

Start your mornings by taking a cold shower. Now, don’t panic. At least for my Indian readers, winters are over and spring is in the air. By the middle of April, we will already be in summer so cold showers won’t be nearly as frightening then as they seem now. A cold shower in the morning is really a simple method. It’s so easy, it’s almost like cheating. These are the benefits that a cold shower will bring you, for weight loss:

  1. When you are cold, your body burns a lot of calories in order to get your body temperature back up to warm again.
  2. Your metabolism gets a kick-start from a cold shower, and you will be able to digest a  healthy breakfast easily.
  3. A cold shower freshens you up instantly and makes you more alert and ready to face  the day.
  4. It detoxes your lymphatic system and drains impurities out of the body.

Try taking a cold shower everyday in the morning (okay maybe not Sundays) for one month and observe the difference for yourself. Let us know in the comments below if it worked for you. Have a great week ahead.

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