First Cat Adoptathon in Delhi a grand success, Next Adoptathon coming up on the 21st of May, 2017

Text By Akriti Niti Guha, Pictures by Siddharth Jha

Delhi has an increasing amount of cat lovers and enthusiasts and now the Cat Adoptathon of Kitling & Co. and their venue partner Puppychino cafe have opened their doors and hearts for the feline family again on Sunday, 21st May, 10.30 am to 1 pm. Kitling & Co. is the brainchild of Aastha Shastri and Nishat Rana and they aim to spread awareness about the feline ways and adoptions.
Want to meet more such adorable kittens? Join us at the Adoptathon on the 21st of May !

Previous Cat Adoptathon held in Delhi a grand success

With help and support from animal behaviourist and communicator Aaron Patrick D’Silva and a team of adoption coordinators, this is sure to be a success story. In fact the previous cat Adoptathon, held at Puppychino cafe was such a hit that over a 100 people attended the event on 31st March.

                        How can you resist these adorable kitten faces? 

Introducing adorable kittens and cats to the people of Delhi

They had about 17 adorable kittens at the event and had posters for all the kittens who couldn’t make it to the adoptathon and 15 kittens got adopted! Not only are these adoptathons about finding your purrfect mate and cuddling with kittens, there are cat enthusiasts and lovers from all over Delhi NCR who come to support the cause of neutering and spaying stray cats and helping in turn with the overpopulation issue of stray cats in Delhi/NCR.
Spaying can help prevent thousands of little kittens from dying on the streets 

Know more about the Friendicoes ANS Neuter Spay Programme

Kitling & Co. helps raise funds for the Friendicoes ANS neuter spay programme at the event and if you’d like to know more about how the program works and would like to do your part, get in touch with Aaron Patrick D’Silva : If you’d like to know more about the Cat Adoptathon and adopting a cat, email them at .
Black coloured kittens are one of the most discriminated against & have troubles finding good homes. Let us change this mentality. All kittens are good luck,  white or black

About the Author 

Akriti Niti Guha is a cat slave whose mission is to help foster, rescue, spay and/or neuter every cat in need, across the world. Her efforts are limited to New Delhi/NCR for now, but everything is possible when the feline force is with you. Akriti also runs a mad cap Cat Boarding and foster home and most cats leave her with five-paw ratings. Feel free to check out Purrfection India on Facebook : @PurrfectionIndia Instagram : @purrfectioncatboarding or write to Akriti at

About the Photographer

Sidhharth Jha is a Delhi-based animal photographer who specializes in cat photography. He can be reached on Facebook via his page Purrtograph. You can also contact him via e-mail at .



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