Post-Diwali detox? Nah. Go for a pre-Diwali detox instead!

It is a well-known fact that most of us gorge and feast on Diwali and the days leading up to it. These days, post-Diwali detox is a very popular concept. In a post Diwali detox, we try to eat and drink as healthily as possible in order to cleanse our body of all the copious amounts of food that we have consumed.

However, overeating has a lot of negative health consequences. Not only do you tend to put on weight, but you tend to feel bloated and sluggish.  If you are consuming a lot of sugar around Diwali, your blood sugar levels will be unstable. They will be spiking and falling, making you feel hyperactive on minute and cranky the next minute.

So, instead of binge eating first, and detoxing later, you should go for a pre-Diwali detox. This is essentially all about mindful and healthy eating. If you have to go distributing Diwali gifts in the evening, you know you will be consuming a lot of snacks and sweets. It isn’t always possible to say no to people, especially on festive occasions.

So have a light breakfast and lunch in the morning. Eat fibre rich food and drink a lot of water in order to keep your digestive system stress free. Fruits and veggie laden salads are full of fibre. So are cold pressed, sugar free juices. However. home made juices are the best. Make it a point to eat home-cooked food as often as you can, as you will be attending many Diwali parties. You will definitely be gorging on snack, sweets and fried food items at these parties.

Just be mindful when you are reaching out for that cookie or namkeen on the guests-only tray in your kitchen. Think once, do I really need to eat this? I will be eating a lot of these in the days to come. Check yourself, and you’ll find that you won’t put on those post Diwali kilos. Eat Healthy, Stay Happy!  Share this article with those of your friends who are struggling with staying healthy this Diwali.



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